Pricing FAQ

What is a lifetime deal?
To onboard the first 100 companies Space is giving an opportunity to buy a complete suite for just $20 one-time payment with unlimited users and storage to a complete SPACE suite with lifetime validity.
What is the validity of the lifetime deal?
There is no validity of the deal, it is free of cost for a lifetime. No terms and conditions were applied.
What is $5/user/month mean?
After onboard of 100 companies, the original price for the suite will be $5/month/user.
The number of users allowed in a lifetime deal?
Unlimited numbers of users can access the workplace for a lifetime with unlimited storage.
Is our content stored securely?
Yes, we are a child company of MSG91 which has more than 120K clients base. So yes, you can trust us.
When this deal will be closed?
The deal applies to lifetime access if you are in the first 100 companies. you don't have to pay anything extra after the deal is closed, it is a one-time payment of $20 for a lifetime.
How many tools I will get in a lifetime deal?
Pricing included all launched and upcoming tools with unlimited user access for a lifetime.
Which tool is launched and what are upcoming?
Currently, we are offering the OKR, Chat by SPACE., and documentation tool and soon we are coming up with an Email and To-do planner.
How much storage I will get?
Everything is unlimited in the lifetime deal.
Can I withdraw from the lifetime deal anytime?
Yes, definitely you can withdraw from the lifetime deal within 365 days from buying date. Space is guaranteeing to pay back within 24 hours.

Offer for Startups, NGOs, and Educational Institutions

If you are part of any incubation or funded by a known VC

If you are a registered not-for-profit organization

Educational Institutions
If you are a registered educational institution

1-year money-back guarantee, If you don't want to use the tool after a year or any day of using it. We will pay you a refund within 24 hours.
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