Single click overall company's view to give you a quick glimpse


As simple as google sheet

Easy UI makes your people love it and use it frequently and efficiently. Minimal features remove confusion and save time.

Big picture and detail, both covered

Everyone will see the company's vision, leadership goals, and team goals. Search or expand to see the complete view of the goals hierarchy and see the big picture.

All answers at one click

What will actually want you to use it is its speed and its design, making everything just one click away. It will save your people's time from loading..., loading...


Everyone will be reminded of their goal and the weekly check-in over email. This will ensure your people are focused and moving in the right direction.

Proactive alerts

If any chances of OKR failure are detected, Email alerts will be provided to managers and leaders so that they can take the necessary actions proactively.


Engineering Manager


Optimize cloud infrastructure and application deployment


Decrease the deployment time from 30 min to 5 min


Increase data recovery rate from X% to X%


Decrease the time taken for backup from X hours to X hour

HR Manager


Improve internal employee engagement


Conduct 3 monthly team events and over 80% attendance


Implement a feedback system and get over 40 employees responding


Reach weekly employee satisfaction score of at least 4.7 points

Marketing Manager


Improve our SEO


Get 10 new inbound links from relevant websites with DA 50+


Improve our website loading speed by 90%


Increase organic traffic from 30000 to 40000

OKR is a culture and we highly recommend to have OKR coaches for the initial years when you implement it.



Q: Why do I need an OKR coach?

Certified OKR coaches help organizations to set high integrity objectives and key results as well as maintain goal alignment. It is recommended to seek advice from experienced OKR coaches who have been implementing OKRs for various companies because they can see the blind spots that others might miss.

Q: How frequently should we perform check-ins?

Even though monthly meetings can help track annual goals, it is recommended that weekly check-ins must be done within every team to stay updated with the progress and take timely decisions on any issues that might need fixing.

Q: How long should an OKR be set for?

There is no set rule that has to be followed but most of the time a time frame of 3 months is preferred as it is long enough to start observing results and short enough to accommodate any updates or modifications.

Q: How do I get the team onboard with OKRs?

Proper training and understanding is necessary for implementing OKRs the right way. So we first help you with OKR knowledge and make the right OKRs for your team. Then we onboard you on the tool and monitor your OKRs in case of any improvement.