Why Space Inbox?

Space inbox is not a super email or a super inbox which can work on behalf of you 😜
It’s a minimal inbox where you will get.

Space inbox have some amazing features which makes Space inbox unique, like

Space inbox is a simple and beautiful collaboration experience, and our team will continue to learn, test, iterate, and improve the product.

If you see any other pain point in emailing, let's connect.

Ravi Paliwal



Q: What is team email?

Team email is a shared inbox with the team, that multiple team members of a single team or a small company can use together. For instance, if you're a member of an HR team, marketing team, or customer support team, your entire team can access the shared email to be in the loop. Team email makes every email a task to be completed and no important information is delayed or skipped. Everybody using their individual email addresses can create chaos while transferring the email to the right department.

Q: How is team email different from a group chat?

Group chat is an enclosed channel between the desired members added in a particular group where they communicate via messages or calls and share files among each other whereas a Team email is a shared inbox with only the relevant people having access to a single email where they can collaborate on every email received effectively and take actions like assign, close, followup etc as per the requirement. baki vahi se lelo

Q: What are the important features of team email?

SPACE team email includes :

  • One shared team inbox for the small team email collaboration
  • Minimal inbox with simple and beautiful collaboration.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Everyone will be on the same page and everyone will act responsibly.
  • Built-in snooze feature, emails with follow-up dates to better analyze the team performance.
  • Every email whether from Account, HR, sales, marketing, operation, or any department will be measurable like task.