Fast & Secure

We want you to collaborate seamlessly. Stuck at work due to haphazard documentation, ideas and resources are what you cannot afford. Private folder is separated. Work with the team smartly where you never have to wait for the permission or access to the doc.



Knowledge is useful only when it is organised. Build an organised habit for your team, in a way that they contribute more. With Finder View and Tree View see your document clean, accessible and keep all the files tidy to share immediately.


Real-time collaboration

Work together. Never let your team miss any update. Mention or assign your teammates to keep them in sync and act timely. Make sure your team gives fruitful output while working as one as a whole. The more you write, the more your team will read. Keep it synced every time.


Access everything, everywhere

Choose the fastest way to introduce new features and share with the entire team or make it accessible with community users or customers. With Doc, create a public wiki that keeps users updated that includes help-center, tutorial, policy declaration without spending much on resources.

sheet and db

Keep your data in Sheets and DB

Give your data the classic database view and organise it the way you want. Get the desired information


Reward your team with the right tool of collaboration

Stay organized & cut some space for the brain.