share screen

Share your screen on HD video calls

We know how important is to connect real time. Share your screen during a video call go in depth and discuss the details that matter. Collaborate and guide your team on the issues they are stuck or show the sales report and get those numbers with honest feedback.

remote working

Eliminate the feeling of remote working

The small talks and the affirmations matter. That un avoidable sense of working alone in your room can be scary. Connect with your team mate for small conversation over an in app audio call or by just sending a voice note while updating on your tasks of the day.

private/public meeting

Keep your meetings public or private

Give a public link for anyone to join or control the entry of participants by password, choose as per your requirement. Few conversation are confidential and that must not leave any stone unturned to go out of the private meetings held between the top management.


Reward your team with the right tool of collaboration

Create the right impact with your virtual presence