You know, when you buy new software, you infuse a new culture with it since every software is opinionated and built with a certain kind of philosophy.

star-icon So,what our philosophy is?

Well the answer is just one word, SIMPLE.
Everything must be simple, user-friendly, with the least features, aesthetically beautiful to use, futuristic, and most importantly it must solve its real purpose.

star-icon But,who the hell are WE?

We are the same passionate owls who changed the industry of communication platform in India and globally with MSG91.

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This time, we are coming to revolutionize Workspace tools.

Ever heard of the TEAM FIRST?

All tools, you are using are outdated and were built for individuals, not for the teams. It is the same as websites were primarily built for desktops not mobile. Our tools are primarily designed for teams. Hence every feature is brought in a way to make collaboration better.

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