The SPACE Family


Goal management not upto the mark, worry not we’ve got OKR

Bridge the gap between and execution with the help of OKR. Set ambitious goals, create objective and key results and measure them with ease. Mark acountability and see the big picture at a glance.


Fast and reliable conversation

Communicate with your coworkers, share your ideas, share files. Work easily with others via channels, and start instant meetings.


Come together and connect with team even if you are apart

Space is here for you to connect, catch up, collaborate, express your ideas, and bring your team together. Engage in quality and fast audio and video meetings from anywhere.


Store, organise, search documents and manage you tasks

Make your documentation smart with easy-to-use features. Publish to label it as yours. Stay on track and define your priorities.


One place to store all customer information

Find more leads, close more deals, keep more customers and grow your business. Reduce manual effort and get on with business.


Secure and effortless mail to save your time

Store your data, get access to multiple inboxes, find files without digging, work together seamlessly by changing the way you use email.