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Brainstorm, plan and write in a single tool.

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Maintain your productivity

Priority, Focus and Simplicity are the three major points that can keep you productive all the time.

We have built a new style documentation managing platform from the ground up to facilitate your creative thinking with better support. Space lets you explore traditional documents, but helps you work in a more free-form manner for better brainstorming, mind-mapping, and exploration.

Manage your tasks and knowledge-base with simplicity. 

Space is easy to search and manage the document you have created.

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Create your own private doc and share with collaborators

Creating docs was always easy, but managing them was difficult until Space introduced Private doc management. Create Space doc or include the existing Google doc URL.

Quickly search for ideas, notes, and tasks.

We know searching docs was never easy, so we made it as frictionless as possible to search for things as they pop up in your mind. Open Space's command prompt with a simple keystroke, and it will interpret what you write to automatically log notes and search doc for you.

On a mission to unlock simplicity

We've been building creative tools together for over a decade and have a deep appreciation for the needs creative minds have while "inflow." We're dedicated to building better tools, so you spend less time struggling with them and more time focusing on bringing your ideas to life.

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Pushpendra Agrawal
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Priyanka Pathak
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Ashish Yadav
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