SPACE is building simple and beautiful workspace apps for next generation
startups and teams so they spend less time learning tools and more on real work.


We are startup for startups (A product by Walkover)

FREE for a team of 10, always!

From the 11th teammate

50 USD /month/teammate

If you got 15 teammate, we charge only for the additional 5
(No complication, simplicity everywhere)

Offer for Startups, NGOs, and Educational Institutions
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Stand-alone but Integrated

SPACE suite is interconnected. Every tool is integrated with each other to maximise the benefits and reduce the number of clicks you need to make.


Secure and Reliable

ISO 27001 certification. More than certification, the team works on futuristic technology and approaches to keep your data secure.  Security is our  main concern since 15 years of our team experience.


Simple, Fast, Beautiful

Our every tool is built on these three pillars. Zero learning curve- simple enough to self understand,Super fast - saving your every millisecond and fun and bright- to keep it aesthetic. Our team makes sure you save a lot of time, navigate smoothly and complete your purpose of using the tool.

Reward your team with the right tool of collaboration